"Levine is a wonderful storyteller with a vibrant voice. “Treasure Island!!!” is a rollicking tale, shameless, funny and intelligent."

—The New York Times

“If everybody wants to be Joyce these days, somebody has to be Nabokov. Levine modestly but convincingly nominates herself with this hilarious satire of social retardation in middle America.”

—The Globe and Mail

“Unstoppably funny and not a little frightening.... a crackling satire of our hapless society”

—San Francisco Chronicle

"Daffy, charming, whimsical and well-drawn"

—L.A. Times

“When someone spikes your rum cocktail you want it to have the punch and the smooth finish that this novel does. Levine is simultaneously politically incorrect yet humane in this wild romp of a modern farce.”

–Alice Sebold

“Sara Levine has a gift for being outrageous and hilarious.  Is there nothing sacred, has she no shame?  Apparently not, thank heaven.  In her protagonist she has created a genuine monster, utterly without empathy, yet able to inspire ours.”  

–Phillip Lopate

“Treasure Island!!! is a thoroughly original and unforgettable work -- hilarious and troubling in exactly equal parts.  There is boldness and resolution here, parrots, pet libraries, long-suffering boyfriends, and unreliable narrators.  Reading it will make the time fly delightfully by.  I recommend you do so at once.  Also recommended as a tonic for anyone tired of the current trend to turn all the great books of the past into self-help manuals.”

–Karen Joy Fowler

“Had Grace Paley spent her youth hanging out with Larry David, listening to the Ramones, and reading Barry Hannah, she'd have probably written something like Treasure Island!!!  It's fast-paced and intimate, as warm at its center as its surface is mean, and funny, funny, funny. I love it. By the end of next week, I'll have read it three times.”

—Adam Levin

“Slightly deranged and marvelous.”

-Marcy Dermansky

“What an awesome book...Levine captures something at the core of the yearning we all have, especially today. Truly funny, joyous, unexpected, non-obvious—and wrong in all the right ways. A blast.”

—David Wain

“Sara Levine's sardonic amusements engage and horrify.  This is comedy as guillotine.  If you are brave you may want to put your head in it.”  

– Jesse Ball

"Treasure Island!!! is outrageous, surprising, frightening, and funny, funny, funny --  a hip grandchild of Poe, Nabokov and Peanuts' Lucy Van Pelt. The book earns its three exclamation points handily, and deserves a dozen more!”

– Mark O’Donnell

"Sara Levine is an acute observer of suburban family life and her voice is a wild ride; rocket-fast and all wit with real insight tucked inside the zingers. Treasure Island!!! is chock full of the boldness it celebrates!"

-Aimee Bender

“In this brilliant star of a book, a new kind of anti-hero is off on her self-destructive quest, full of rotten ideas and bad choices. She begs us, dares us, not to like her—but we do. Oh yes, we certainly do. Addictive reading. Hilarious. Lively. Necessary. Bravo!”

—Deb Olin Unferth

“Are there really heroines so ardent and stubborn, plucky and misguided as the narrator of this novel? Dear writer, pray tell me yes!  Treasure Island!!! deserves every one of its exclamation marks.”

–Jim Krusoe

“Subversive and often funny… Why Treasure Island? Why not?...For the unnamed narrator of this debut novel, the book forces her to confront the essential challenge of her existence: “How can I become a hero of my own life?”…This novel might have something to say about gender roles, the relationship between literature and life…but mainly it’s just a hoot.”

—Kirkus Reviews

"Our empathy-impaired narrator confuses irresponsibility with bravery and selfishness with self- sufficiency, and this results in a hilarious sequence of minor catastrophes befalling her friends and family, a circle of comically inept enablers....Though it is hard to conceive of, let alone root for, such a morally bankrupt and emotionally stunted character, this highly original, farcical novel will keep you entertained in spite of (or more accurately, because of) its toxic narrator."
Library Journal

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